Rules of American Football Tackle 9v9 Tournament

Adopted during WorldSportGames CSIT Tortosa 2019

The Rules we will use during WSG are NCAA rules for 9v9 version with following différences:


We will play matches of a 50min watch divided in two periods of 25min

Special Teams:

For the safety of amateurs players, we don’t play KickOff, KickOff Return, Punt, Punt Return.

4th Down

After CoinToss, Team A start from own 20yds.

– In case of 4th down,

          If Offensive Team A is in defensive 50 yds field, Team A can declines and make a
Punt (simulation), the Team B will start from own 20yds,
or Team A can play 4th down leaving ball in place in case of no closing down. 

               If Offensive Team A is in offensive 50 yds field, Team A MUST play 4th down.

Field Goal:

Field Goals are available everywhere and every time, 3 points


TD 6 points, FieldGoal 3 points, Safety 2 points


we can play ExtraPoint of 1, 2 or 3 points from 5,8,12 yds
Not allowed Extra-Point Kick

For any question about Rules of Games not described here,
please contact:
Walter Sabbioneda General Commissioner IAAFL IAAFL
International Amateur American Football League


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