Participation is reserved only to no-Professional Athlètes.

First Step, inscription of Team in “Pre-Inscription Page”.

Teams will be contacted directly to assign a Unique number Code.

With Unique Number Code, Teams can complete registration of Athletes in  “Definitive Registration Page”


Since this is a Amateur Tournaments, is not mandatory to be an Official Team !!

It is possible to enroll a team according to the following rules:

  • It could be an invented name..                                              Ex:  Team The Friends
  • It could be an Official Team Name….                                    Ex: Team Broncos
  • It could be the name of city..                                                  Ex: Team Chicago
  • It could be the name of Region/Province..                          Ex: Team Alabama
  • It could be the name of the Country of provenience.          Ex: Team Jamaica
  • It could be the name of the Continent of provenience.       Ex: Team Asia

In case fo two teams with the same names,

they will take sequential number in order of inscription like Bobsleigh in Winter Games…

Ex.: Team Canada 1, Team Canada 2

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