We are proud to announce that American football, (Tackle 9v9 Male and Female) and (Flag Male and Female) tournaments have been included in the program of the CSIT World Sport Games 2019 ( as a Demonstrative Sport.
The games will be held in Tortosa, Catalunya, Spain, from July 2-7, 2019!


Following a publicly released statement by International Federation of American Football – IFAF President, Richard MacLean shortly after the 2018 IFAF World Congress, Panama City, Panama…


“…Advocating the inclusion of flag football in multi-sport games will be high on our agenda….”


International Amateur American Football League – IAAFL and Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport (Italian Association for Culture and Sport) – AICS, ( have been working diligently in tandem to acquire American football representation in Multi-Sport Games, with the support of Federació Catalana de Futbol Americà – FCFA ( and the town of Vandellòs i L’Hospitalet de l’Infant


The goal is to offer more visibility to the sport of American football and to transform the current status from a Demonstrative Sport to an Official Sport of the CSIT World Sport Games that are held every two years.

During the games thousands of Amateur athletes from all over the world participate in more than 20 non-Olympic disciplines. It will be a grand occasion to inaugurate the sport into one of biggest Multi-Sport events in the world for nonprofessional athletes.

The games are open to all teams worldwide regardless of their affiliated organizations.

Truly a one-world sporting event!


Walter Sabbioneda
General Commissioner IAAFL
IAAFL International Amateur American Football League

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