A Farm Team, composed by player from various Mexican Leagues,
will partecipate to WorldSportsGames 2023


A prestigious presence and main candidate for success in the CSIT WorldSportsGames 2023 of Cervia in the discipline of Gridiron Football Tackle 9vs9.

From the interview with one of the leaders of Team Mexico Football to get to know this very strong Mexican team.

  • What can you tell me about football in Mexico?

In Mexico the practice of American football goes back a little more than 100 years, as incredible as it seems American football at a time was more popular than baseball and even football soccer. This sport has been practiced in the country over ten decades having its beginnings in the 1920s in educational institutions, later the sport grew to such magnitude that universities across the country adopted American Football as a primary sport, preparatory schools, children’s clubs, amateur leagues, semi-professional leagues and professional leagues, as well as the different forms of this sport, flag football and Arena football Both men’s and women’s football have been part of the history of this beautiful sport in our country.

  • Tell me about TEAM Mexico :

TEAM MEXICO is made up mostly of SENIOR players with many years of experience practicing this sport, from former players of Children’s Leagues, Major League university to semi professional leagues and professional leagues. This team has been formed by players that we have taken since our childhood in American Football and we have continued from our childhood, youth, intermediate, major and now in categories Master 11 and Master Arena in the main leagues of our country, which has allowed us to participate in local tournaments, national and international games at amateur level. With our participation in the World Amateur Championship we seek to put the cherry on the cake as players and give our best to raise the name of our country.

  • What have been your experiences?

Team Mexico participates annually in the so-called Azteca Bowl and American bowl held in Our country and in the USA respectively. Team Mexico has recently participated in international games against teams such as CANADA, USA, COSTA RICA and COLOMBIA in conventional 11-player and Arena mode, has even participated in matches held in NFL stadiums such as COWBOY Stadium and SOFI stadium.

  • What do you expect from these games ?

The CSIT CERVIA 2023 Amateur World Championship is very exciting for TEAM MEXICO who will participate in its 9 vs 9 with SENIOR category players from different states throughout the country and hope to bring home for the first time the CERVIA ITALIA world championship 2023 and so continue writing your story